Webinar By Rishiraj Singh ips -  A Report 2020

Jail chief Rishiraj Singh talks to Kaoser English School students and teachers on the webinar.  He encouraged students to spend more time outside of their studies and to find topics of interest that would give them peace of mind.  He presented the instructions in a very simple and elegant way at the Webinar conducted by Kaoser English School.

He also outlined opportunities, approaches, skills development, and aids that teachers can adopt, such as aids to promotions.  He also emphasized the importance of mobile usage, drug awareness and punctuality.  Fida Rahma, Hanan Harris, Niswa and Sabah spoke on behalf of the students.  Academic Coordinator Mohammad Haneef welcomed and Vice Principal Ms Prashanty. P.M. also said thank you.  Manager Muhammad Nisar, Vice Principal Ms Prashanthy and Ms Rishada spoke on the topic.